We ship all orders via DHL Express Recorded Delivery - other than to Russia and parts of the Ukraine where we use UPS. For some unknown reason many parcels sent with DHL never arrived, nor were returned to us .

If clients in Russia have any concerns or requirements in regards to invoices please do contact us , as we maybe able to help in order to speed delivery times up.

If there is any cost of delivery payable by you the client it will be as stated on checkout and itemised on your orders' invoice. We operate a Monday to Friday customer service between 12am - 6pm.
A re-delivery time or change of address can be specified between yourselves and DHL once the shipment has been sent; however if a change of delivery address happens we cannot be held responsible for any losses.

Very occasionally shipping costs as quoted online as being due and payable by the client are under quoted ; this is neither of our faults but is the system which does not alway have in built indicators for when a destination is very remote - when discovered in advance it maybe necessary to contact you to cover this cost difference, partially dependent on the total value spent and other variables. Factually we have some clients whose remotely located homes can incur up to £50 or even more to deliver to.

RETURNS : Refunds & Exchanges
UNCONDITIONAL is committed to exchange or refund any product that does not suit your expectations - if returned in good condition within 2 weeks (14 days) of its actual receipt (this allows for any delays on our side in the sending of your order) . If for any reason this is not possible please let us know and if we can we will try to extend this period by a few days.

For returns, the shipping and any related return costs are at your expense . If an item is faulty we will pay for it's return. If it is being exchanged for another size or item we may not be able to pay for a second outgoing shipment, if the first one was covered by a minimum spend .

Please make sure that any returns are sent with the order number and your name - both clearly included as the minimum information needed - rthis can also ideally be also written on the outside of the package. Ideally send us an email with the tracking number and details by using the contact email at the bottom of the website, stating your order reference number.

We cannot be held responsible for any duty charges incurred on any items return - which should be nil as it is a valid return and should not be subject to any tax therefore if paper work is correctly filled in : any such charges wrongly charged or incurred would have to be taken off the return refund amount. If you are needing help with this please process please contact us so we can help you make sure that this is done properly for both parties. If it seems very expensive please contact us as we maybe able to provide a return for you with DHL more cheaply than you can.

Sale items that are bought as "clearance items " (defined as at a price less than one third of their original price ) cannot be refunded - their purchase is final. However we may agree to credit these items towards another future purchase - please do contact us in advance of returning such items.  Similarly if items are bought in a sale offer that has different levels of discount ( dependent of the total sum spent ) returns may alter the level of discount you now qualify for ; however we may allow other items to be exchanged and the value and discount % may then be maintained that way. Depending on where you are located (and therefore the direct cost to be incurred by us) the cost of the a redelivery of heavily reduced replacement items may need to be paid for by you, the client in some circumstances.

Please do feel free to make a purchase and then ask for more details or photos to be sent before it's departure. We are more than happy to send photos etc. to you if required - and will be as helpful as we can be. We would prefer to get it right first time for you .

In order to return an item, ideally please contact our customer service department via email preferably using the contact email at the bottom of the website, stating your order reference number - returns must be sent back within 14 days of their receipt. Any delay experienced by this communication process on our side would be taken into account , and it would be extended accordingly.

When sending out goods we have a policy of minimising packaging - purely for environmental issues. So multiple items maybe bulk packed. We try to RE USE boxes as much as we can. again purely for green issues. If you have any issues with this please let us know - and feedback on this is always appreciated.

Please send or post your returns ( using RECORDED DELIVERY ) back to us, ideally reusing the original packaging it came in with all original tags still attached to : UNCONDITIONAL SHOP , 16 Monmouth St , LONDON WC2H 9HB ( 0207 836 6931).

Items that smell of washing powder, perfume or seem to have been worn (rather than tried on) clearly cannot be refunded ! If tags are removed or missing then this will also probably be the case.

To repeat : Please always use a recorded delivery service (such as Royal Mail Special Delivery as a minimum ) : we can't accept responsibility for items lost / not received sent in any other way....

Please make sure the order number + your purchaser name is included with the return - we used to always include a return slip by which to send this information but again for the green issue we generally do not now. If you want one please email us and we can email a copy to you - but its easier to do this by email .

Exchanges If you wish to exchange for another size it might be best we check and speak to you so that we get this right .... It might be possible on full priced items to make you a new piece to bespoke measurements. It could be good to see photos of how an item is either too big or too small before anything gets sent back for an exchange .

In brief , so long as the order number + your name is clearly included we will know all we need to know to effect a refund . For an exchange - it is also  going to be necessary to email and possible have us call you .

We do get cheaper rates from DHL than you would do yourselves.  Although returns are at your cost we can do this for you and simply recharge our cost, if trequested, as this can be significantly cheaper.

Any bespoke items are subject to slightly different rules - particularly when made to measurements correctly . They clearly they cannot be returned on " just a whim" ...but as always we try to be reasonable and as accommodating as possible . Speak to us about this and we will also make you clearly informed in advance of making .

In the case when, out of goodwill, UNCONDITIONAL accepts a return that was not authorized or not in compliance, we can withhold 10% of the value of the returned item/s from the refund to cover the obvious admin costs, to a maximum value of £50, along with the cost of sending, and any cost to us for the return also. In any case where there are unnecessary administration and communication costs then these will be added and taken off additionally .

If a delivery is delayed by any event outside of our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know, and we will take steps to minimize the effect of the delay, however we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by this event.

Disputes :
In the unlikely event that there is a dispute in relation to the goods supplied, any dispute or claim shall be governed and construed according to English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is held by any Court or other authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, then the validity of the rest of these Terms & Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected thereby.


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